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Wednesday, September 30 2015

My work is best described as narrative landscapes embedded with stories, symbolism and  houses inspired by the patterns in the landscape, my celtic heritage and a passion for character and historical housing especially those in my own backyard of Brisbane and Queensland.  I like to scratch away at the surface of what I see until i find revealed,  the spirit of a place.  

I love to embed the illustrative detail of maps or  drawings looking for  connections to the past and finding direction on the everyday map of life.  

From the whimsical houses dancing on the ridges to the texture of the corrugated roofs to ancient symbols, I want to celebrate life and spirit and invite the viewer to take a deeper look at what is in their own backyard.

I love being a tourist in my own town .... and i realised this after touring other places and discovering how little I knew about my own Town.

"Beneath what we see are the dreams and plans of those who have gone before us. .. those who lived and loved and built up the environment that we are gifted with today."   Pamela Gough

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