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Pamela Gough ...Visual Artist


                                                                                 PLACES ... TRADITIIONS

narratives about homes and lives

sense of spirit and place

    Moreton Bay /Pine RIVERS ART GALLERY 
    has asked me to do another Workshop
     9 March - click here for more information
    Moreton Bay Regional Galleries events

              "Beneath what we see are the dreams and plans of those who have gone before us.
              Those who lived and loved and built up the environment which we are blessed with today. "

                   " I love being a tourist in my own town."          Pamela Gough (c) 2006



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    connect with the spirit and history - through visual arts

    Pamela Gough    Visual Artist  ...  Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
    ".. love.being a tourist in your own town " (c)


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