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        Welcome ...  Pamela Gough, is a Queensland Visual Artist
whose textured narrative landscapes
celebrate the stories behind old buildings
and character homes, to reveal their place in our everyday Australia.  

"Beneath what we can see are the dreams and plans of those who have gone before us.
hose who lived and loved and walked on the land we are blessed with today. 
                                          I love being a tourist in my own town."  (c) 2006  

                      Connecting with spirit and history through Visual Arts (c)              

90 x 50cm   
Synthetic polymer on linen
A Queenslander stands full of colourful stories and tales of those who lived and passed by here.
The gentle blue mountains comfort loved ones left returning home.   Patterns on the landscape
and the rustic ochers of mother earth reveal the pathways and road maps,
 symbols and cultures of the people who settled in this area,
not the original inhabitants but european settlers  ...

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Connect with the spirit and history through visual arts