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Tuesday, September 08 2015

Life in Queensland is far removed from the origins of the family traditions I grew up with.  In fact most Australians not Aboriginal, came from somewhere else... over the seas .   

THE WAY BACK HOME opens at Graydon Gallery on 29th Oct - 8th Nov, 

Last year I took a journey with my husband Mark, back to where our great grandparents came from - Ireland and England via Italy - researching and sketching  the Celtic and medieval influences in my artwork.  I was surprised to find strong connections in other countries as we journeyed along Roman paths,  following  medieval monks and scribes through Italian and Celtic villages.  I came face to face with familiar symbols carved on neolithic  stones and  painted on centuries old plaster... We found ourselves on an ancient path, the path of  pilgrims inspired by the radical faith and lifestyle of Celtic saints and monks who left a lasting impression on the landscape who touched the hearts of countless people across the centuries.

"Landscape has a secret and silent memory - a narrative of presence where nothing is ever lost or forgotten"    John O'Donoghue - Anam Cara

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