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Scratching the Surface
Starting at $185
16.5x50cm - Fine Matte Paper, mounted on white mattboard with foam backing
30x90cm - Stretched Canvas
50x150cm - Stretched Canvas

Brisbane narrative with Queenslander houses unique cultural past. Beneath the surface of what we see lies the stories, the history of an area and its people which is mostly unheard.  "We stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us" and we are gifted with their dreams and plans.  Our individual cultural pasts (many Celtic) weave their way through our daily life yet come together in a woven harmonious tapestry .... a young city ...our bright future...when we acknowledge the past and dig deep, scratch a little at the surface.... there is more to what we just merely see in front of us...and it is amazing.

Artwork by Pamela Gough

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