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Impress Printmakers Studio Gallery

Contemplating where we find our place and our heart,
no matter where we are ... that  place that says "I'm home"?  

The Exhibition Story ...

In the middle of a dust storm in late 2019,  I headed south on a road trip to the Victorian High Country
to study Australian Cattlemen's Huts and do an Artist Residency in Hill End, New south Wales.
Hill End is a ghost mining town where artists like Margaret Olley, Russell Drysdale and Donald Friend retreated to.
It was time to explore the colours outside my comfort zone, the red earth, and more Aboriginal Country.
The following years however, saw Australia already in drought, suffer fire, flood and then the pandemic. 
How did we cope ?  ...

The very things that stir us and move us to action, make us unique, authentic.
Life's nurturing, education, community and experiences challenge us,
but give us our grounding, a sense of place within ourselves.
Where do we feel, at home ?  Is it a mountain view, a walking path, the beach, Mozart, 
a good book, old houses, rockclimbing,  driving into my own street, my town ...
The journey or complexity of life may draw us away from that special place of comfort.
Ethereal knowledge that the spirits once close to you, are still living in the environment, beckon you to return.  
Colour, Texture, historical cartography, Houses, symbolism and 
considered brushtrokes and scratchings  give way to the story.