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COAST TO HOME solo 2012
COAST TO HOME  Solo Exhibition 2012
This exhibition was inspired by the Australian coastline …
from Far North Queensland to Tassie, from reef to shore,
from the Coast - to places we call Home.
Coast to Home  explores another facet of the Australian way of life … our love affair with the beach, and how it provides a reprieve from the everyday, and re-energises our soul. 
Houses, especially Queenslanders,  are a strong feature in Pam's work, and are like symbols to Pam, a language to help us understand our past , define ourselves today, but storybooks to preserve for the future.
 From the whimsical houses dancing on the ridges to the strong texture of corrugated roofs and fence palings; and ancient symbols, Pam paints a narrative on canvas.
 EXHIBITION   14 - 26 Sept, 2012   Art Factory Gallery. South Brisbane.

Offically Opened by BERNIE HOLLETT, Director of Art Promotions Qld  
                               Curator of the Tattersall's Landscape Art Prize.