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Pamela Gough ...Visual Artist

"MY TOWN" Solo Exhibition 2011

"MY TOWN"  SOLO 2011

Click to See Opening Night youtube Clip

This exhibition celebrates Brisbane ... Community ... Spirit ... Home !
My Town, where Queenslanders are nurtured and challenged  by their beloved river -
a silken powerful thread which binds together
the fabric of a rich tapestry of families and communities,
cultures and traditions ... homes and lives.
This year she overflowed, but a Spirit flooded My Town with compassion and love.    
        Pamela Gough(c)

SPECIAL THANKS ... to Pete Martin, Director of Martin Galleries who officially opened the Exhibition;
and Febe ZYLSTRA, who helped curate the exhibition and Mark Lutz of ART HOUSE Reproductions
for photographing the Opening and of course to my wonderful husband Mark, family Sam Josh & Matt
and friends and my spiritual guide

connect with the spirit and history - through visual arts

Pamela Gough    Visual Artist  ...  Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
".. love.being a tourist in your own town " (c)


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