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Pamela Gough ...Visual Artist



Solo Exhibition

26 June - 6 July 2014

An exhibition of new works.  Tales from wise old Houses,
young whimsical Renovators and  retiring old Queenslanders
 about Hills Hoists, fence palings and mango trees  
... all in my backyard.

                           GRAYDON GALLERY   29 Merthyr Road, New Farm, Brisbane                         

Pamela Gough's contemporary cityscapes are narratives embedded with stories and symbols  behind the homes,  particularly those in  her own backyard of Brisbane, Queensland.  Inspired by the patterns of the landscape, her celtic origins and a passion for colonial architecture, Pam’s paintings scratch at the surface of life to reveal the spirit of a place .  Embedded with the illustrative detail of historical maps and interlacing lines, her works make connections to the past and look for direction on the everyday map of life.  From the whimsical houses dancing on ridges; the texture of corrugated roofs to ancient symbols,  her works celebrate life and spirit and invite the viewer to take a closer look at where they are.

 ##  4BC RADIO INTERVIEW with Kim ## (live 14 June)

 ##​      4MBS (103.7 FM) RADIO INTERVIEW with Howard Ainsworth Sat 28 June.

connect with the spirit and history - through visual arts

Pamela Gough    Visual Artist  ...  Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
".. love.being a tourist in your own town " (c)


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