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Tuesday, November 03 2015

“Beneath what we see, are the dreams and plans of those who have lived before us.  Those who lived, loved and built the environment we are blessed with today”. pm gough

Many Australians have family or ancestry from somewhere else … over the seas.   Last year I took The Way Back Home to Ireland and Europe , to where my family ancestry is from.  I hoped to discover the connection I had with swirls, Celtic art and medieval manuscripts which have featured strongly in my work.  I also wanted to find connections to the origins of family traditions which I grew up with.   I found the connections in unexpected places and I was overwhelmed coming face to face with those images engraved in stone or painted on centuries old plaster and the interconnectedness of all things...

The work in this exhibition scratches back the surface of what you see, into the story behind the homes and the  heritage of those people.  I think we take for granted the culture we have been handed down and bestowed upon us by our family... casting the history aside because we cannot see anymore its immediate relevance, or because its origins are far removed from the every day.  The disconnection with our past stretches well beyond our houses and touches on many aspects of our lives.

I was amazed to find I had more connections with Italy, due to the links with the illuminated manuscripts and calligraphy and growing up with the family name of Francis, local Franciscan college  and stained glass windows.

Thankyou for taking the journey with me… as we each bring with us a treasure of heritage and at some stage start  to research our own ancestry. 

I was hoping to find out more about the direct links my Brosnan line has to the Druids  …   but maybe on another trip …
I am happy my home is Queensland.          …              
Pamela Gough  

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