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Pamela Gough ...Visual Artist


                                                                                      " SCRATCHING THE SURFACE "    61 x 183 cm  Mixed Media on Linen     

ALONG THOSE LINES "      (2010 first solo exhibition )

There are  lines in our everyday…
those we see,  those we follow,
those we create, in the direction we take;
and those we leave behind -  to show where we've been. 

Then there are those lines - cultural lines back to our heritage;
invisible lines of communication which unite us;
and lines of ignorance which divide, keeping us separated and alone;
Construction lines  that build and lines of destruction;
yet emotional seam lines that show we are joined creatively together.…

The work in this exhibition has been inspired by the Lines I see, every day. 
As well as the mapping lines of our early exploration and colonial settlement
and the symbolic celtic lines of my heritage and those of the Indigenous Aborigine. 

Lines have been visual reminders and channels of spiritual connection
which I have been guided by, challenged and defined.  


They lead me to where I am … to where I belong …  here and now … thank God.   

(c)Pamela Gough 2010

connect with the spirit and history - through visual arts

Pamela Gough    Visual Artist  ...  Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
".. love.being a tourist in your own town " (c)


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